Erica Transou

Working in various healthcare settings, Erica Transou is no stranger to the needs of others.  Whether it is the needs of children and their families, inmate’s recidivism, those suffering from mental illnesses or acquiring services for geriatrics, Erica uses her interpersonal and natural leadership and social skills to build confidence and trust in the clients that she serves.  Graduating from the University of Tennessee in Martin with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance and she is currently working on her Masters in Health Promotion from the University of Memphis. Erica understands the importance of an appropriate Education for everyone.   She has worked with the underprivileged and overlooked for more than 20 years and utilizes her skills and education to help clients with academic issues such as GED, college enrollment and retention, social issues such as poverty and unemployment and emotional issues such as addiction and mental illness.

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