About The Visionary

Keauna Cheers believes that great education means giving children the tools to be empowered, self-advocates, and the authors of their own lives. She currently serves as a Gifted Educator and President of Beyond Educating Foundation. Established in 2018, Beyond Educating Foundation desires to enhance the academic experience by helping to enrich learning, cultivate understanding, expand perspectives, and develop a global vision for children, families and communities. Beyond Educating Foundation goal is to create a global community that shares similar educational philosophies. We want students to take an in-depth look at the issues, problems, and concerns facing the world: environment, human rights, economy, government, culture, current events, geography, plus scientific and technological advances and discoveries.

Keauna believes that global learning is needed to allow students to appreciate diverse perspectives, understand the connections they have to the wider world, respectively and effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and use disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to investigate and take action on issues that matter to them and their environment.


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