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Beyond Educating Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that desires to enhance the academic experience by helping to enrich learning, cultivate understanding, expand perspectives, and develop a global vision for children, families and communities. Beyond Educating Foundation wants to create a global community that shares similar educational philosophies. We want communities and businesses to take an in-depth look at the issues, problems, and concerns facing the world: environment, human rights, economy, government, culture, current events, geography, plus scientific and technological advances and discoveries. One of Beyond Educating Foundation ultimate goals is to take students and an adult family member to see with their own eyes how other cities, states, and countries communities and educational structure operates.  The students would take this global knowledge to improve and add value to their own life and community.

Beyond Educating Foundation wants to become a relevant voice for underprivileged children’s educational journey by exposing them to these global opportunities that would change their mindset.  With this exposure, underprivileged children can find their voice and change the mindset for their families and their communities. The exposures that we strive to implement are giving classroom teachers the supplies and materials that would help them reach students beyond what’s provided in the curriculum.  Beyond Educating Foundation would like to be an advocate to identify and push for the resources a child needs to succeed. Our Foundation would like to partner with a reputable company that provides students with innovative STEAM kits, supplemental materials and innovative blue prints that will help develop creative confidence. The only way we can STOP succeeding is if we choose to close our minds to change, to learning and to further developing the depth of our knowledge and insight. Beyond Educating Foundation wants to help OPEN the minds of our youth.

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